Mrs Claus’ Bake Shop Gingerbread Tutorial with Chua Cookie


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Sugar Medium: 
  • Cookies

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Arlene pulled out all the stops for this one! In this amazing class, we will create an interactive gingerbread house that also doubles as a cookie jar! Together, we will create the most adorable Mrs. Claus’ Bake Shop using a delicious white honey gingerbread recipe. And what’s a bakery without some treats? Lift the gingerbread roof for a fun surprise… a cookie jar filled with pillowy meringue cookies! Have you ever see so many techniques with cookie?!

You’ll learn:

  • Tips on how to hand cut and assemble an interactive gingerbread house
  •  Crystal clear isomalt windows
  •  Piping borders to create beautiful seams
  •  Miniature bakery items
  •  Intricate piping and beadwork
  •  Royal icing garland and wreath
  •  Using fondant for trim work
  •  Dimensional character (with Chubby Chua Cheeks)
  •  Hand painting character eyes
  •  Adding fondant to create volume on Mrs. Claus’ dress
  •  How to pipe a 3D Christmas tree
  •  Create a realistic wood grain door
  •  How to pipe brickwork and add depth & texture

Arlene Chua

Chua Cookie
Arlene Chua is a NYC based cookie artist and the owner of Chua Cookie. A self-proclaimed “baking banker”, Arlene juggles a full-time job as a Senior Analyst for a Private Bank on Wall Street alongside her passion for midnight cookie decorating. She truly is a banker by day and a baker by night! Born in the Philippines, Arlene immigrated to America when she was just a little girl and grew up baking alongside her traditional Filipina mother. In 2016, after losing her mother to cancer, Arlene discovered her true talent in sugar artistry as she turned to cookie decorating as a therapeutic outlet for her grief. She decided to immerse herself in learning all tricks of the trade and in less than a few years’ time, Arlene earned several accolades. She appeared in two Food Network televised competitions, placed in several National Cookie Competitions and was featured on the cover of The NY Times Food Section. When Arlene isn’t decorating cookies, you can find her at home cuddling her two furry babies, a Pit Bull and Chihuahua. She also attends shopper’s anonymous and is desperately trying to overcome her addiction of hoarding cookie cutters and collecting red sole heels.