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15 Classes from 15 World Class Instructors

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Join top sugar artists from around the world to learn, share, and connect bringing a bit of sugar-covered joy to your holiday season with this one-of-a-kind virtual class bundle!

The Line Up

From making cookies for celebrities to judging the biggest sugar art competitions in the world, to even having their own TV show…

this line-up brings some of the best sugar artists in the industry right to you… virtually

Avalon Yarnes

Avalon Cakes Online School

host & cake artist

Sandie Beltran

You Can Call Me Sweetie

host & cookie artist

HO HO HO Oh-No! Santa Cake

In this class you'll learn how to make this fun gravity-defying Santa with his big-busted bag of gifts, CAKE! We'll be going over how to create him from start to finish, from planning your structure to modeling all the details…
You'll learn:
  • Structure
  • Carving
  • Modeling
  • Modeling chocolate work
  • Fondant work
  • And so much more!

Nutcracker Black Forest Cookie Tart

Why not make your cookie art into a cookie TART! In this class, Sandie will show you how she made this beautiful 3D Nutcracker with her fun and innovative fondant royal technique to build your nutcracker piece by piece, as well as how to construct the cookie shell and the delicious black forest filling. This Nutcracker Cookie Tart measures in at 13″ x 4.5″, happily feeding multiple people! Work with royal icing stenciling, multi-level icing, fancy-schmancy sprinkles and so much more!

You'll learn:

  • Cookie Shell Construction
  • Learn how to make the tart filling
  • Fondant Royal Transfers
  • Royal Icing Transfers
  • Sandie's Signature Painting Technique on Royal Icing
  • Shade and Shadow like a Pro (including eyes!)
  • Royal Icing texturing & stenciling
  • How to work with edible glitter, sprinkles and highlighters
  • And so much more!

Ms. Christmas 2020

Are you just swooning over this modern avant garde take on Christmas? In this class you'll learn to create a wooden ruffle texture, edible sequins, frosted glass texture and super fun edible ornaments with fun confetti inside! Sona will be going over the inspiration for this beauty along with how to mix different colors to achieve your desired color tone. 

You'll learn:

  • Edible sequins
  • Color mixing
  • Frosted glass texture
  • Wooden ruffle texture
  • Isomalt ornaments with confetti inside!
  • And so much more!

Mrs. Claus’ Bake Shop

Arlene pulled out all the stops for this one! In this amazing class, we will create an interactive gingerbread house that also doubles as a cookie jar! Together, we will create the most adorable Mrs. Claus’ Bake Shop using a delicious white honey gingerbread recipe. And what’s a bakery without some treats? Lift the gingerbread roof for a fun surprise… a cookie jar filled with pillowy meringue cookies! Have you ever see so many techniques with cookie?!

You'll learn:

  • Tips on how to hand cut and assemble an interactive gingerbread house
  •  Crystal clear isomalt windows
  •  Piping borders to create beautiful seams
  •  Miniature bakery items
  •  Intricate piping and beadwork
  •  Royal icing garland and wreath
  •  Using fondant for trim work
  •  Dimensional character (with Chubby Chua Cheeks)
  •  Hand painting character eyes
  •  Adding fondant to create volume on Mrs. Claus' dress
  •  How to pipe a 3D Christmas tree
  •  Create a realistic wood grain door
  •  How to pipe brickwork and add depth & texture

Christmas Knickknack Cakes

In this class, Natalie will teach you how to create two realistic Christmas knickknacks, in cake! It's LOADED with techniques! She'll teach you how to sculpt and cover a cake in modeling chocolate, how to sculpt proper proportions, textures, gelatin light bulbs and star topper and so much more! She will go over what to consider when choosing and replicating an object, so your cake ends up being so realistic that you'll trick people into thinking it’s the real thing!

You'll learn:

  • Sculpting and covering a cake in modeling chocolate
  •  Sculpting proper proportions
  •  How and when to use mold putty to add intricate details
  •  How to replicate different textures
  •  How to use gelatin to create gummy details

3-D Stenciled Ornament Cookie

Julia can't wait to show you how to make these incredibly lifelike 3-D holiday cookie ornaments. Made of her super tasty gingerbread, they are, of course, meant to be eaten, but they also make terrific holiday mantel or table decorations, place cards, or even Christmas crackers if filled with candies! This project relies on several techniques that Julia pioneered and perfected over recent years, including contouring and molding cookie dough, airbrushing (or spraying) contoured cookies using conformable stencils, and “sandwiched” 3-D assembly. Even better – all of the techniques learned in class can be applied to 2-D cookies!

You'll learn:

  • Adapting dough recipes for contoured, 3-D cookies
  • Contouring cookie dough
  • Molding cookie dough
  • Frankencookie-ing
  • Dipping
  • Outlining and flooding
  • Royal icing transfers
  • Spraying with luster sheens
  • Stenciling on contoured cookies using conformable stencils
  • Precision-piping on contoured cookies
  • 3-D “sandwiched” assembly

Reindeer Games Cake

In this fun reindeer cake class, you’ll learn all about how to create a 19″ tall adorable reindeer cake with chocolate trees (filled with hidden treats). This class is loaded with techniques, you'll learn how to a sturdy cake structure, make it food-safe, carve a cake, cover awkward shapes, make candy-filled Christmas trees, edible snow, and more! Techniques you'll sure to use all-year-round!

You'll learn:

  • Creating a Food-Safe Structure (that can be used for just about any 4 legged animals!)
  • Armature Antlers with Modeling Chocolate
  • Carving a Reindeer
  • Modeling Cake Clay
  • Covering 3D elements seamlessly with fondant
  • Airbrushing
  • Chocolate Christmas Trees with Royal Icing Snow
  • Creating Edible Snow
  • Detailed Templates
  • Tons of tips and tricks along the way!

Beary Cute Winter Wonderland

In this class, Sarah will teach you a variety of royal icing techniques to give your cookies a major wow factor! We will be going over icing consistency, texture, multi-layer airbrush, florals, a super cool wood slice cookie and some tips on how to avoid those pesky craters.

You'll learn:

  • Airbrushing
  • Icing Consistency
  • Multiple Textures
  • Piping
  • Flooding
  • Script
  • Florals

Christmas Flowers

One of Suzanne’s favourite things to do is make sugar flowers. In this class Suzanne will show you easy fun ways to make simple Christmas sugar flowers that you can use on your cakes or modern flower arrangement. You will learn to make:

  • Mistletoe
  • Holly
  • Amaryllis
  • Hellebore

Suzanne will pack in a host of techniques, hints and tips that will help improve your flowers and bring a little Christmas cheer to your cakes.

A Dolly for Sue Cookie

Get ready for techniques galore! This class starts off with creating a rustic crackle finish right on your cookie dough and finishes with painted details and embellishments! In between, we will be talking about layering icing, piping flowers, and creating gorgeous colors!

You'll learn:

  • Crackle effect
  • Piped flowers
  • Puffy icing
  • Detail piping
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Clean work tips
  • Painted details

Standing Christmas Stocking Cake

In this adorable knitted gravity-defying stuffed stocking cake class, you will learn all the steps from building the structure, carving, icing the cake and creating a knit texture from fondant. Shannon will also teach you how to make edible pine needles and berries and how to arrange all the details to make your own Christmas showpiece cake.

You'll learn:

  • Building a simple structure.
  • Carving a cake using a template.
  • Icing the cake with buttercream.
  • Creating knit textures from fondant.
  • Creating fondant berries and pine needles.
  • Arranging finishing details.

Luna's in Trouble!

In this class, you'll learn how to sculpt this naughty dog who has gotten herself it's some serious mischief. You'll learn how to sculpt and model Luna the bulldog's head, create Santa's bag, cookie “headband antlers”, and so much more!
You'll learn:
  • Sculpting and modeling
  • Airbrushing
  • Cookie sculpting
  • Hand painting
  • Textures
  • And so much more!

Buttercream Succulent Christmas Tree

In this Buttercream Succulent Christmas Tree Class, Holley will teach you how to create a Buttercream Succulent Christmas Tree complete with buttercream recipe, structure instructions, succulent piping instruction, and how to create a buttercream birch tree effect.

You'll learn how to:

  • Coloring Buttercream for succulents
  • Piping Buttercream Succulents
  • Building a Tree shape without carving
  • Buttercream Birch Tree Effect
  • Structure for Tree shape

LIT Christmas!

In this class, you'll wow everyone with this interactive light-up Neon cake! Jennifer will be teaching the ins and outs of this special effects cake, featuring a trendy neon light facade with a ridiculously cool hipster llama and a Christmas tree. She'll be covering in detail how to plan your project, building simple and complex lightboxes, paneling a square cake, applying edible snow and making isomalt light bulbs.

You'll learn:

  • How to plan your Neon project
  • Special Effects – Simple and more Complex versions
  • Fondant Paneling a Square Cake
  • Poured Isomlat Sugar
  • Templates
  • Tricks and tips and so much more!


Vintage Pastel Christmas

In this class, Joshua will walk you through an over the top Christmas masterpiece. Create a cake fit for a Parisian bakery window in December, complete with tiny cream puff tower Christmas trees and lots of hand-piped detail.
You'll learn:
  • How to make cream puffs
  • Fondant panelling
  • Pressure piping
  • Fondant textures
  • Painting
  • And so much more!

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Projects will announced November 30th. Be sure to check out our instructors' portfolios to see the quality of work you can expect – click each instructor photo above to go their Instagram account!

We know how precious your time is, especially in the holiday season! So most  of the classes (with the exclusion of a few) will be pre-recorded and edited, but will be broadcasted live! So you can watch LIVE with introductions from Sandie and Avalon (along with giveaways), engage with the instructor and fellow attendees in the chat and ask questions! Giving you the best of both worlds! Or, as always, you can watch the replay on your own time.

Classes will range anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours per class.

All the classes will be available for replay in the Facebook group as soon as it's live broadcast ends. You'll also have forever access through the website after the event!

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The classes will be taking place between December 7 – 11th, 3 classes will be broadcasted per day (some will be live, some will be pre-recorded).

With the VIP, that will be happening all day Saturday and Sunday, the 12th and 13th — currently we have them starting around 10am EST going till about 6pm EST — there will be a new instructor on each hour along with some fun little activities between and throughout.

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