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Buttercream Succulent Christmas Tree

In this Buttercream Succulent Christmas Tree Class, Holley will teach you how to create a Buttercream Succulent Christmas Tree complete with buttercream recipe, structure instructionssucculent piping instruction, and how to create a buttercream birch tree effect.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Coloring Buttercream for succulents
  • Piping Buttercream Succulents
  • Building a Tree shape without carving
  • Buttercream Birch Tree Effect
  • Structure for Tree shape

Holley Brashear

Crumbcoat Confections
Hi! I’m Holley! When I was little, I used to run into the door at my Gram’s house and head straight for the cookie jar. You see, my Gram always had a full cookie jar, no matter what time of day or year, I could always count on the same cookies, in the same place at my Gram’s house. My Gram was widowed quite young, and didn’t have a lot, but every little cookie she made, she made out of love. I started my cake decorating journey on a whim, after answering an ad in the newspaper for a grocery store decorator. At the time, we were only allowed 6 roses and 6 buds on each cake-maybe that’s why I’m obsessed with all the flowers now! I went on to become a manager and after 4 years left the bakery as my family had to relocate for the Military. I decided to stay home with my children and returned to cake as a hobby, making cakes for friends, family, and Military functions. I always wanted to attend Culinary school, but we never moved close enough to a school that I could easily commute to, so I continued to bake and decorate, and read every pastry book I could get my hands on. On long trips, I would stack the colossal books underneath my feet and read them one by one, over and over. I would dream of someday opening a shop, even the kids would help with ideas for names and pastries we could make. About 7 years ago, we finally decided it was time! I had the opportunity to open in a small Farmer’s Market, and so we did! I started as a retail shop, and since have decided to focus on teaching and custom orders only. Teaching has been so much fun, to be able to share the successes, and failures, I have had along the way and help others avoid those mistakes has truly been the highlight of my career.