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Beary Cute Winter Wonderland Cookie Class

In this class, Sarah will teach you a variety of royal icing techniques to give your cookies a major wow factor! We will be going over icing consistency, texture, multi-layer airbrush, florals, a super cool wood slice cookie and some tips on how to avoid those pesky craters.

You’ll learn:

  • Airbrushing
  • Icing Consistency
  • Multiple Textures
  • Piping
  • Flooding
  • Script
  • Florals

Sarah Gutman

Sarah's Cookie Jar
After being challenged by her husband to make cookies for her daughter’s birthday party in 2013, Sarah has exceeded all expectations, including her own, and has since become a respected fixture and influencer in the cookie world with her business, Sarah’s Cookie Jar. Located in Huntington Woods, MI, Sarah’s custom designed sugar cookies are handmade and expertly crafted and catching the attention of some of her clients like GM, The Detroit Pistons, The Detroit Tigers and AEG. Sarah has also made cookies for the cast of Schitt’s Creek, Justin Timberlake and a number of Broadway and touring companies like Waitress and Hamilton, to name a few. Completely self-taught, Sarah loves seeing the joy a cookie can bring someone and is so excited to share her expertise with you!