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Standing Christmas Stocking Cake

In this adorable knitted gravity-defying stuffed stocking cake class, you will learn all the steps from building the structure, carving, icing the cake and creating a knit texture from fondant. Shannon will also teach you how to make edible pine needles and berries and how to arrange all the details to make your own Christmas showpiece cake.

You’ll learn:

  • Building a simple structure.
  • Carving a cake using a template.
  • Icing the cake with buttercream.
  • Creating knit textures from fondant.
  • Creating fondant berries and pine needles.
  • Arranging finishing details.

Shannon Bond

Shannon Bond Cake Design
Shannon Bond is a master cake designer and sugar art instructor specializing in wedding and novelty cakes. Her career starts with an early love of the arts which combined with her love of baking, created a passion for cake design. Shannon is an award winning artist whose unique designs are known for impeccable details and artistry which frequently blend rustic, organic elements with delicate details from fashion and architecture. Since opening her business, Shannon Bond Cake Design, in Olathe, Ks in 2013, Shannon’s designs have been featured in countless magazines, publications and online blogs. In 2016, she was awarded with the prestigious Cake Master’s Wedding Cake Award for her wedding cake creations and in 2017 was named one of Cake Master’s Top Ten Cake Artists in the USA. She continues to strive to explore new techniques to create delicious, edible art designs with a modern aesthetic and enjoys traveling to teach sugar art to all. Shannon’s cake career started making cakes for her six children and husband who continue to “help” expand her creativity with their very unique ideas for their birthday cakes.